Bernard Rouan, chose photography as a means of artistic expression. He began photography in the late 1960s. In addition to his profession, he trained and became a reporter for several agencies (Wight Festival 1970, jazz concerts, film shoots, fashion collections, sporting events …) .

In 1972, during his exhibition on Cappadocia at the Paris Fair, he was hired as a photographer in an advertising agency. He then left his position as an aeronautical engineer for photography, then became the director-production director of an information systems company (fade-in slide projection walls, institutional films and videos, drawings animated digital, multimedia communication tools …) and a few thousand images later, he ended his professional career in the Communication Department of a multinational.

Until 2002 he alternated between personal photographic work and his job in business. Today, he travels the world and takes pictures according to his inspiration. He is interested in contemporary art which he feeds on. Adopting the approach of many artists, he draws his subjects from nature and captures with his camera compositions from which he draws emotional solicitations.

The precision of the framing, the graphic biases, the combination of colors and the adaptation on a case by case basis of the printing techniques contribute to give his photographs a strong plastic character.

Placed under the sign of expressionism, his creations reveal the spirit of an open creation where photography often meets painting.His studio-gallery is in Paris in the Marais district.